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Case Study

Environmental Simulation Test for Electronics Design

Services Used

Environmental Test Chambers for Electronics Design

We helped a company whose product is used for condition monitoring across several countries giving a wide range of difficult to reproduce environmental conditions.  

This customer specialises in condition monitoring for renewable energy including power generators. Their products help with inspection, service and provide data analytics. Their development utilises both software and hardware. 

“I would recommend Ignys for environmental testing and we plan to use them again in future. They are a great team and we have received good support in testing our product and performing design reviews. We don’t have the time or resources to run our own test chambers, so it is good to know that we can call on Ignys for help when we need it.” Head of Product Development, Nottingham, UK 

Product Reliability across Temperature Ranges

Checking their product was reliable across a wide range of temperature and humidity levels was vital to them. 

This was needed both for customer satisfaction, data accuracy and from a pre-compliance point of view. 

They planned to deliver a robust product and part of that was the consideration of environmental conditions. They wanted some assistance to ensure their product was reliable and accurately tested for temperature and humidity during their pre-compliance development stage. They came to us with a test plan and standards to conform to. We made suggestions to optimise the plan through an open, collaborative process. We then carried out the approved test plan using our environmental chambers 

Cold Start Testing and More

The product was tested, including multiple temperature cycles, cold start testing, cold drop testing and we created a thorough report. 

The customer came in to meet us and set up the equipment.  

We carried out a risk assessment. After looking at the test plan we planned out how the process would work with the customer. We explained how we would continuously monitor it and raise issues as they occurred. We did a risk assessment on equipment to check it was safe to use, and maintaining the ovens so they work accurately. The test plan included temperature cycles and cold start testing. Stability on components can be quite poor so they need testing for reliability. Continuous overnight tests, periodic testing and cold drop testing are other product testing techniques used during the plan. 

Test Plan Results

We conducted the testing plan and it passed its conformance metrics. All of this gave reassurance, for exporting the product.  

We wrote up the results of the test plan for documentation purposes. This offered pre-compliance reassurance for non UKCAs standards. They now have detailed insights into how reliable their product will be at different temperatures and humidities. 

If you are looking at environmental product testing, we can support you. We make design suggestions based on what product testing you are trying to achieve. This is different to a test house who will test your product but by default won’t offer you advice. We provide thorough insights on the testing challenges, and the results, through our knowledgeable design engineers. We have two on-site climate chambers on Nottingham Science Park. Check our availability by contacting us.

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