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Commercially-Focused PCB Design

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PCB Design Services

Electronic Product Design

From component selection through design, simulation, bread-boarding, and schematic capture to PCB layout with experienced and IPC CID qualified engineers get your rigid, flex-rigid and flexi PCB designs off to a great start to make your next product development a success.

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Professional PCB layouts for your great product ideas

Excellent PCB layout is critical to your electronics designs working properly, repeatedly and manufacturable.
Poor layout can be the cause of numerous functional and compliance issues.
PCB design is much more than having great CAD tools and being able to use them.  PCBs are a compromise between product usability, manufacturability, cost, thermal management, performance and form factor.  Experience of seeing designs from initial component placement through to bring-up and EMC compliance is key for success.

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“Speedy focused response. There was a clear understanding of the task in hand” Garry Scoble from FireAngel

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“From our first contact to product release everything was handled professionally and in a timely way.” (Managing Director, Comms Sector)

Very impressed with the quality of the engineering, great professionalism, good standards and resolution to solving issues, reverse engineering has been great, inspections standard, standard parts and liaising with CEMs on their behalf has been great
Our PCB layout process
PCB layouts designed for product success

PCB Dimensions

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The specification, size, shape and materials used for a PCB are dictated by its function and performance needs. PCBs are often viewed as a simple item to connect components together. The PCB can make or break a design, reduce the wireless connectivity range, increase sensor noise, bring EMC compliance failures and more.
PCBs are a vital part of the electronics in your system and the success of your product.

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PCB design skillsets

Here’s just a few…

  • Flexi, Rigid-flex and rigid PCBs
  • Complex BGA breakouts
  • Blind and buried via’s
  • High density component placements
  • Multilayer PCBs
  • Mixed technology surface mount and Through hole components
  • Design for availability

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The importance of Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards provide a place to solder electronic components onto. This makes hundreds or thousands of connections necessary. This allows for circuits and designs to function.
In addition the PCB design is also key for:
  • Signal integrity
  • Noise performance
  • Safety
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Mechanical fit
  • And much mo
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