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Failing compliance? Can’t locate that fatal flaw? Spending too long in your development phase? Maybe you’re on test version 3… 4… (or even 5) and still can’t make it work?

Let’s talk about your project

If any of the above sound familiar, it sounds like it’s time for Test it with Ignys.

Being stuck in development hell is purgatory on both your time and your budget. Delays are costly, they put your investment at risk and slow your race to market.

Our team of ethical electrical and software engineers have over 180 years of combined experience. There’s not many sectors or specialisms we’ve not encountered, and with an impressive range of diagnostic equipment and test-jigs, if there’s a fault – we’ll be the first to find it.

If you’ve got an electronic, firmware or software project in limbo, let us get it back on track and mitigate your business’ risk.

Let's talk about your project

We’ve been impressed with the speed at which the team has grown and the high quality skill set that has been added to the team. For us, the thorough understanding of the product requirements has been a key reason for success.

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