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If you have the beginning of a great idea, our development workshop will take that spark of inspiration and form your dream into a reality.

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An Ignys ‘Dream it’ workshop is a day of excitement, a comprehensive, creative collaboration session.

We’ll throw your concept into a blender, bounce it back and forth; before stepping back, beyond the ‘why’ and considering the projects scope, potential, costs and ultimately likely outcomes.

Our aim is to make realities from your concepts, using a mix of technology, customer experience, ease of maintenance and physical longevity. We do all this to ensure your project, is your success.

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Richard and the team are fantastic. From our first contact to product release everything was handled professionally and in a timely way. Happy to recommend this company.

We're confident we can offer you the most comprehensive electronic discovery workshops and feasibility studies possible. So, we put together a short explainer to help make the right decision for your business.

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