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4th January 2024

New Year - New You

2023, wow well, what is there to say apart from “what a year”.
The highlight for us has to be, being awarded the UK’s Electronic Design Team – for the third year in a row at Elektra ‘23.

It was an honour to be awarded the trophy, having had our entry independently assessed by an incredible panel of judges, each respected and recognised by the electronics industry.

It is also a wonderful affirmation for our clients, the Ignys tribe and the amazing work they do together day in, day out.


Other Highlights

And speaking of the tribe, 2023 saw our brilliant bunch of engineers grow!

We gifted over 14,000 Lego bricks over on our LinkedIn page!!

And of course, we made the move from ‘equality’ to “Equity” – a journey we will continue to take in the coming year.


What does your 2024 look like?

As wonderful a year as it was, we are now fully focused on 2024. But the big question is – are you?

Or are you still battling development issues from 2023?

What is holding you back?

  • Do you need to redesign a project because you have components that are becoming obsolete or aren’t currently available with long lead times?
  • Do you need a full review on an incomplete (or failing) prototype?
  • Or a review on a complete prototype that’s ready to be scaled up for manufacture?
  • Perhaps you need a robust Test-Jig?
  • Or maybe you’re right at the start, not sure which direction to take and need a workshop to bring your latest idea to life?


Whatever particular prickly problem you may be facing, our expert team of award-winning Electronic Engineers are ready to be your guns for hire.

Whether you need a design review to help you put a project to bed once and for all, need support enhancing an existing project, or simply struggling to get something off the ground – now is the time to give us a call.

Pure analogue, digital electronics, microcomputer based connected solutions, PCB design, or ground up design – our team of technical, talented, approachable and fun engineers will design with heart and are always ready to help.

So, why not reach out today and get your 2024 off to the best possible start – you’ll be glad that you did.


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