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PCB Test Jigs

Quality control solutions to make sure every board comes off your production line correctly each time.

Quality Control and Testing Consistency

Your Test Jig Options

Choose from a range of high quality, customisable test fixtures, designed for testing excellence

We bring together MG Products’ high quality functional testing equipment with our expertise in product development, electronics design, software development and production testing. 

As Elektra’s Design Team of the Year, and exclusive UK distributors for MG Products, you can enjoy great customer service and regular updates as well as robust, reliable, test equipment.  

Dedicated PCB Testing Expertise

Enjoy the support of our award-winning, UK-based electronics design engineers.  

Whether you’re looking for in-circuit testing or functional testing support, our team can deliver advice on how to get the best out of the product design process and help to bring your great tech ideas to life.  

Durable Testing solutions

MG Products and Ignys both share a strong desire to solve design process bottlenecks, creating the ideal conditions for production quality and efficiency. 

Together, we offer test fixtures with customisable solutions which use robust aluminium parts for mechanical construction. 

Built around testing efficiency with reliable electrical contact between the test equipment and the UUT (unit-under-test), our test fixtures are built to last and deliver highly effective testing. 

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Great team, incredibly savvy professionals. Working on a complex project with Ignys for a couple of years and the experience has been fantastic.
Test Fixture Product Selection
Customised Test Fixtures

Key Features

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Product Characteristics 

  • Changeable cassette options – Increase your project’s scope for flexibility
  • Linear click system with ball bearings, using gas springs
  • 10 mm ESD-proof top cover with aluminium reinforcement bars
  • Steel base cabinet with detachable aluminium back and bottom panels
  • Detachable interchangeable case system with an 8 mm spring loaded probe protection cover
  • Base cabinet fitted with a telescopic guide rail and catch

High Quality Test Jigs

What MG Products say about their great test fixture range “We have created a unique mechanical click system using ball bearings and guiding sleeves. The UUT is connected to the spring contact pins that are connected to the testing environment in a completely linear fashion.

Connecting the UUT to probes can be approached both from the top and the bottom and, optionally, even from the side. The ergonomic housing provides generous space for additional measuring electronics. The back and bottom of the housing can be adapted to the various test system interfaces.”

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Frequently asked questions about our test fixtures
Success Stories

Case studies from Ignys Ltd

More Reasons to Test Your Product with Test Fixtures

Printed circuit boards often need some level of testing when they come off the production line. PCBs may also need programming, setup, or calibration. There are ways to achieve this for high volume products, but these tend to be too expensive and too slow in many cases.

For example low volume manufacturers and start ups will struggle to see the benefits. The long lead times mean they can’t react quickly. Also the price makes it difficult to justify for small volumes.

Every Product Counts

When you first launch a product, every single product shipped represents a high proportion of the total when there are relatively low volumes.

Because of this you can’t afford a product failure tarnishing your products’ reputation before it has a chance to gain traction.

This is where test fixture solutions can help.

Electronics design and product development is our specialism. We have many ways to help you through the process.

We also offer a PCB design service.

The Importance of Automated Testing

Are you confident that every product you ship has been properly manufactured, programmed and set up?

Test jigs are the answer if automatic quality control is something you need.

Using production test fixtures for automated testing is ideal – especially because components are getting smaller. And as parts get smaller, the importance of automated testing continues to grow.

Answering Your Questions About PCB Test Points

Our MD, Richard Fletcher, has penned his thoughts on the importance of using test points in your design.

The article covers the following topics:

  1. What are test points?
  2. Should I label them?
  3. Which signals should have test points?
  4. What is the optimum number of test points to use?
  5. Hazards to watch out for – and how to identify them
  6. How have they been used in the past?
  7. Why should I consider using them?
  8. Are test points useful for quality control?
  9. Why failing fast is actually a good thing!

Read More on The Importance of Test Points

ISO 9001 

Our ISO 9001 accreditation, MD Richard Fletcher talks quality.

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