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Value Engineering and Cost Reduction Service

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Value engineering + cost reduction techniques = tangible results

Lower Costs, Higher Margin

Value Engineering Services,
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Product cost reduction for electronics increases your bottom line, whilst also allowing you to lower the price you sell at. Both will help keep you competitive.

Component prices are only part of the picture, however. We look at contributions to the overall cost of your product, including unnecessary features, manufacturing fees, and assembly times. There may be quality issues driving rework or rejection. We can also reduce expensive connectors and components.

Our endeavours can lead to considerable savings whilst still satisfying the needs of your customer.

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We’ve been impressed with the high quality skill-set that has been added to the team. For us, the thorough understanding of the product requirements has been a key reason for success
Key Sources of Product Costs
Review your product costs instead

Stop. Take a Moment.

Cost reduction projects themselves aren’t a silver bullet. There could be design, prototyping and testing work – all of which come with a price. And where hardware is changed there will also be compliance costs.

So, before changing the product, it’s worthwhile to balance the expected cost improvements with the associated costs and risks using value engineering. This ensures that your margin improvements bring a return on investment and generate profit. For example, very low volume products with no design issues may not benefit from cost reduction techniques.

However, if your product is manufactured in high volume, you can often generate significant profit improvements.

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Our other cost reduction focused services include:

Design review – See the whole picture

Extend product life – Get obsolescence protection

Power consumption reduction – Battery power letting you down?

7 ways to encourage product cost reduction

  • Eliminate costly but redundant features
  • Are your components weighing you down?
  • Utilise new technology to your advantage
  • Consider compliance early
  • Is your product development process too lengthy?
  • Be careful who you chose to partner with for manufacture
  • Get expert advice throughout the NPD process
  • Speak to us if you have questions

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Value engineering that saves you money
Why is product cost reduction important?
Success Stories

Case studies from Ignys Ltd

Steven Richardson is our Senior Electronics Engineer and he has been part of Ignys Ltd from almost the very start.

One of his favourite Ignys services is cost reduction. Taking a design and seeing how it can be improved while making savings on manufacturing costs is his expertise.

View the whole Ignys Team.

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