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1st July 2024

Time for something a bit special - Enter Bricklink

Followers to this blog or to our LinkedIn page will know that here at Ignys… we like Lego.

Apart from being a fun way to spend some time, Lego values mirror our own – Imagination, Creativity, Fun, Caring, Learning and Quality. Lego is also an excellent gateway to numerous interests and careers, one of the most obvious being engineering.

Because of all of this, in Autumn 2022 we thought it’d be a bit of fun to gift a Lego set and give our LinkedIn profile a bit of a boost at the same time – and we’ve never stopped. To date we have given away over fifteen and a half thousand Lego bricks across various sets including an R2D2, a Classic Land Rover, The Orient Express and a Fender Stratocaster Guitar.

Followers to our blog and LinkedIn page will *also* know we also like to do things ‘a bit differently’.

And as a result, our next few giveaways are going to be a bit special…




Bricklink is on online hub for Lego enthusiasts and master builders alike. It’s an open forum for people to exchange ideas, show their skills and display builds they have designed and made.

Periodically they launch a competition and members vote on which independently curated designs should be made available for purchase. The winning designs are then put up for pre-order and if enough people place an order then sets are officially commissioned and manufactured by Lego.

This means that potentially anybody can have their own set made into an actual Lego product!
What an opportunity. The winning sets are commissioned on a STRICLTY limited edition basis and as a result are incredibly desirable.


So, of course we’ve managed to get our hands on three of this year’s hugely anticipated Bricklink Lego sets…



ignys lego giveaway


Mountain Fortress

The first of our giveaway’s is now LIVE and it is the Mountain Fortress by designer ‘Sleepless Night’.

Perched upon a snow-capped mountain, his set is a tribute to the great Black Falcons sets of the past but it also draws inspiration from much newer LEGO lines; just like the 18+ audience sets, such as Modular Buildings with their advanced and even intricate architectural design.

To find out more about this incredible set, follow this link.

If you’d like your chance to win it, simply head over to our LinkedIn page and follow the instructions.

T’s & C’s can be found here.



Parisian Street

The next of our giveaways will be going live to coincide with the closing of this year’s Olympic Games taking place in Paris.

Designed by Nicolas Carlier, his Parisian Street set consists of 3532 pieces and includes seven minifigures, as well as 16 stickers to decorate the model. With each façade this set has a distinct appearance, while remaining as close as possible to the Parisian architectural style.

A public staircase divides the model into two sections and the rear is completely open so it can easily be accessed and played with.

You can find out more about it, including an interview with the designer using this link.

And keep an eye out on our LinkedIn page toward the end of August and start of September.


ignys lego giveaway train set box


Old Train Engine Shed

Our most popular giveaway to date was undoubtedly The Orient Express. So we’re expecting this one to be a popular pick too!

Designed by Maria Kalaoglou (also known as ‘Mind the Brick’) her Old Train Engine Shed is built with masonry bricks and features six large windows and two large doors, which allow the locomotives to enter and leave freely.

Inside the shed there is a fully equipped workshop with a large variety of machinery and tools such as a lathe, a vice, a bench drill press, a welder, mallets, and much more useful hardware!

We’ll be keeping hold of this one until a little later in the year, as we thought it would make an excellent early Christmas present.

Keep an eye out in November and until then you can find out more about the Old Train Engine Shed here.



Why we chose Bricklink

So why have we gone to all this effort this time round?
Well, there are a few reasons.

Firstly these official Lego sets are something a bit special and we enjoy doing awesome things for our followers. They are strictly limited edition and highly sort after, we couldn’t think of a better type of gift.

They’re also pretty different, it’s something no one else will be able to offer, or copy any time soon.
That really goes hand in hand with who we are.

Just like our engineers these unique designers have stood out in an incredibly competitive field to demonstrate they are skilled, creative and world leading. They don’t fit the ‘standard curve’ but what you get is inspiring, out of the box engineering and electronic designs.


Does your team need something special?

We really hope you enjoy these upcoming giveaways – and in the meantime, if you need some specialist engineering help, why not call us today on 0115 772 2825?

One of the main reasons customers come to us, isn’t always just for our manpower, it’s for our perspective. With Ignys, you don’t just get an engineer (or two) for a few days a week, you’ll get input from all 17 of our talented engineers.


We’re a collaborative team who LOVE chat shop, because every individual in our little tribe knows they’re much stronger when they run ideas past the other specialists in the room.


We’re an extremely diverse group and between us, there’s not a lot of problems we’ve not overcome or new tech we don’t love getting excited about.

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